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Good Watering Practices

A thorough drenching once or twice a week is better than a light daily sprinkling. Deep watering encourages healthy root systems to flourish. Allow your lawn to dry out between waterings and send the roots downward in search of water.

Clay-based soil is heavy and absorbs water more slowly, but retains it longer. Clay soil also compacts more easily. This forces roots closer to the surface while looking for room to grow, leaving them vulnerable to drought. Read more →

Mowing Tips

  • Don’t cut your grass too short. Leaving it higher will usually provide for a deeper root system, and helps to prevent weeds.
  • Don’t remove any more than one third of the grass leaf at any one cutting. If your lawn happens to get too tall divide it into several mowings and get caught up with three or four days between mowings. Read more →

Common Questions

Here are some common questions I receive while aerating in and around the San Jose area.

Is aeration a one-time fix?
No. Aeration should be part of an ongoing lawn care plan that includes fertilizing, weed control, and proper irrigation and mowing.

How can I tell if my lawn needs to be aerated?
If your lawn has clay soil, heavy foot traffic, standing water or runoff after irrigation or rain, or browns easily during warmer months, it would benefit from core aerating. Read more →