Common Questions

Here are some common questions I receive while aerating in and around the San Jose area.

Is aeration a one-time fix?
No. Aeration should be part of an ongoing lawn care plan that includes fertilizing, weed control, and proper irrigation and mowing.

How can I tell if my lawn needs to be aerated?
If your lawn has clay soil, heavy foot traffic, standing water or runoff after irrigation or rain, or browns easily during warmer months, it would benefit from core aerating.

How frequently should I have my lawn aerated?
The heavy clay soils in the San Jose area make it so aeration is necessary at least once a year, and twice a year for lawns with heavy traffic.

What should I do with the cores left on my lawn?
You can just leave them on the lawn. Depending on the weather, type of soil, and watering and mowing frequency, the cores will break down and disappear in about two to three weeks.

Should I water before having my lawn aerated?
Water the lawn well the day before the aeration. Moist soil allows the tines of the aerator to penetrate the soil easier resulting in deeper plugs.

Should a recently sodded lawn be aerated?
No. New sod shouldn’t be aerated for at least 12 months. Newly seeded lawns can usually be safely aerated after two seasons of growth.

Is it okay to reseed following aeration?
Yes. Immediately following spring or fall aeration is a good time to reseed.